mayo 21, 2018

Flying with hobby drones around Barcelona area

Do you also feel there are too many restrictions for drone hobbyists? And are those restrictions really working? Are you flying more, all the same or less?

I miss the wild wild west. The effect

mayo 7, 2018

About being a good drone pilot

The Mavic Pro is my all-time favorite in terms of performance. But for some reason I got hooked on the Spark. I even created an assortment of protections
mayo 7, 2018

Buy and Fly

How are you handling the fact that you can't fly your drone right when you get it. How about a buy-and-fly you, drone sellers??

abril 19, 2018

Drone flying regulations in Dubai

Every drone take off in Dubai is a challenge [...] I remember how uneasy I felt. Latest video on Dubai available on our Youtube channel - remember to subscribe and give it a thumbs up. Weekly flights!

marzo 23, 2018

Mastering the art of flying with my Mavic

Poetry and flying have in common the word freedom. To some extent they both are a form of art. Or is it only in the eyes of the observer?
marzo 1, 2018

Tengo dromomanía!

Confesión: "soy un adicto a los drones y si que añadiría algo de sal....
febrero 23, 2018

Roma no se hizo en un día, mira porqué!

A vista de pajaro: Roma y la Ciudad del Vaticano. Un magnifico panorama. Y, recuerda Suscribir a nuestro canal de Youtube para recibir de primera mano las próximas publicaciones de vídeos.
febrero 22, 2018

Volando en cercanías de la torre Agbar

Taking off from Gloriés. Another point of view of the Agbar Tower.
febrero 21, 2018

Agitación trás un día de intensa labor

We are running a marathon of video postings on our Youtube channel. Hit subscribe, tell drone addicts and comment like or dislike. Our shop is online on both Amazon and here!!!

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