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  • Casco de la Guerra de las Galaxias

    This helmet is also a 3d Printed item. But is a bit of a puzzle. How do we integrate several colours? Do you have a special project in mind? we will help you make it UNIQUE

  • Calavera o craneo

    Un proyecto fácil y rápido: un cráneo o una calavera. Puede igualmente ser una cabeza de monstruo o tu héroe favorito. ¿Sabes dibujar? No pasa nada, haznos una descripción detallada, saldrá tu proyecto como en tu imaginación.


mayo 21, 2018

Flying with hobby drones around Barcelona area

Do you also feel there are too many restrictions for drone hobbyists? And are those restrictions really working? Are you flying more, all the same or less?

I miss the wild wild west. The effect

mayo 7, 2018

About being a good drone pilot

The Mavic Pro is my all-time favorite in terms of performance. But for some reason I got hooked on the Spark. I even created an assortment of protections
mayo 7, 2018

Buy and Fly

How are you handling the fact that you can't fly your drone right when you get it. How about a buy-and-fly you, drone sellers??


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