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Other 3D printed work

  • Star Wars Helmet

    This helmet is also a 3d Printed item. But is a bit of a puzzle. How do we integrate several colours? Do you have a special project in mind? we will help you make it UNIQUE

  • Skull or head

    An easy and quick project: a skull or head. You may want to create your favorite hero or monster's head. Can you draw? Oh no problem give us a description. We will draw until it matches your imagination.

  • Drone

    A name, a nickname something cute you tell each other... you can now print it using 3D printing technology. We now have a larger number of colours as well, like coral, pink, gold, silver.... 12 colours.

  • Einstein’s Bust

    An example of what you can do using 3D printing technology. You may want to impersonate a family member or someone you are particularly fond of. No problem...


May 7, 2018

About being a good drone pilot

The Mavic Pro is my all-time favorite in terms of performance. But for some reason I got hooked on the Spark. I even created an assortment of protections
May 7, 2018

Voler oui mais!!!

J'ai reçu mon jouet, je veux voler là tout de suite!

Ne me dites pas que ça ne vous est pas arrivé. Lorsqu'enfin votre drone arrive, comme votre téléphone ou autre "joujou" moderne, vous voulez le tripoter, voir ce qu'il a dans le ventre. Les première sensations sont là et pourtant... il faut attendre.

April 19, 2018

Drone flying regulations in Dubai

Every drone take off in Dubai is a challenge [...] I remember how uneasy I felt. Latest video on Dubai available on our Youtube channel - remember to subscribe and give it a thumbs up. Weekly flights!

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